Self guided training for yoga teachers. Embodied, empowered & always evolving.


Empower your teachings and your practice. 

We need to ask ourself would we not allow our practice to evolve? Yoga has been evolving for thousands of years. Does sticking to dogma really serve us? Well, now is the time to break free. Often our initial teacher trainings give a list of cues or structures to stick to.  Now that there is so much more understanding about the body and human movement we need to replace those cues and find a new language for our teaching. We need to look at why moving differently is important. We need to bring anatomy into the moving body and explore range of motion and find freedom in our movement. 

From the very beginning, Brahmani yoga teacher training programmes have gone beyond the industry standards and created courses that make a difference. Yoga practices are in evolution, life is in evolution, and understanding how yoga meets the modern world has been the driving force behind refining and developing the structures and content of each programme. 


This course takes you through some of the more inspiring sessions in my Level 2 Teacher Training. You will learn how to create sequences that encourage your students to dive into a felt sense practice. Drop the old cue based system and learn to integrate embodied language skills. Understand how to translate modern movement anatomy, fascia, bone structure, and the importance of energy into classes that inspire and empower your students. This and so much more to give you confidence and grow as a modern yoga teacher. 

With a subscription, you get 6 months access to ALL of this content plus FREE access to my weekly live masterclass during this time. 

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Principles and Philosophy 

Short introductory videos  

A brief introduction to my main principles and philosophy. If you have already completed my free "Brahmani Principles & Philosophy" mini course you can skip this!


3 hours of lectures

Living your Dharma - talks to inspire your practice and teaching both on and off the mat.


8,5 hours of content

In this chapter Julie will take you through the 7 sections of creating a sequence 'Brahamani style'. Learn how to layer movement so that your take your students on a journey through their body, mind and energy. Julie gives you super clear instructions to find the maps you need to be creative and intelligent with your sequences and even how to break them down for beginners. 

Applied Anatomy

Almost 4 hours of lectures.. and counting `

These videos are here to help you understand how to apply current anatomical principles and knowledge to your embodied and evolving yoga practice.

Teaching Inversions

Over 2 hours of lectures

Learn to safely teach different inversions and their pro and contra indications. 

Teaching Different Abilities

5,5 hours of lectures

Learn about the layers of teaching and adapt your classes for complete beginners, seniors and those with limited mobility.   


Language of Embodied Yoga

2 hours of lectures

Redirecting from a “cue based” language to guiding embodiment and using a language of “allowing” instead of “telling”.


Teaching Pranayama

40 mins of content

 In this series of videos, Julie will take you through teaching Pranayama techniques including Ujjai, Tibetan Purification, Nadi Shodhana, Viloma & Sama Vritti.

The Business Of Yoga

2 hours of lectures 

A look at the yoga industry in modern times and more.


Almost 7 hours of content

These videos are to advance your understanding and physical practice to the next level. These Masterclass sessions were mostly filmed during a Level 2 Teacher Training.

Live Masterclasses

Every week

With your membership you get access to my weekly live masterclasses. You'll also get access to the recordings of each masterclass for 30 days. 

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  • Access to a growing library of videos – over 40 hours of content and counting!
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  • Access to the recordings of all live masterclasses for 30 days. 

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Access over 40 hours of content and more

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Hi, I'm Julie

I'm here to invite you into a practice that embraces your individuality and curiosity. An EMBODIED Yoga based on a sensory experience, free from outdated dogma and limited linear structures.

Raised as a Vendatist, I grew up immersed in the philosophy of yoga. In my 20's I began to practice asana and research different ways of moving while studying the history of yoga. The resulting discovery is that yoga is EVOLVING and always has, so we have permission to explore these practices, challenge the myths, and move forward with knowledge and awareness.

My mission is to EMPOWER your practice. To help find your own pace, fluidity, and strength in a structure that is an invitation, not a rule. Tap into your curiosity and trust your experience to take charge of your practice on and off the mat.

Welcome to the Intelligent Yoga Rebellion

I am very much enjoying all of the content and it's actually hard to stop watching. You really have a wonderful way of teaching and explaining things so beautifully and clearly. I very much look forward to seeing you in person. 


Yoga Teacher - completed the Teachers Pathway

Knowing myself I hesitated to do an online mentorship but I am so pleased I did! Her generosity and kindness as well as her honesty and accessibility made our Skype and FaceTime meeting very special and in between I had loads of resources to explore and tasks to work on. Best training I ever did. 


Yoga Teacher - completed Mentoring Programme